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Our service offerings cover all four of the Protective Security Requirements

At Optic Security Group, as a full service security provider, we are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive and competitive range of security solutions and technology to help keep your business protected.


Depending on your needs we can offer every step needed to provision an end to end security strategy, including consultation, design, installation, monitoring and servicing.


With extensive experience across a broad range of commercial, industrial, government, defence and retail businesses, we ensure we are constantly updating our offering based on market trends and innovations.

Our dedicated technical staff across multiple offices in Australia and New Zealand and our converged security methodology means our service offerings cover all four of the Protective Security Requirements (PSR) (PhySec, InfoSec, PerSec, Governance) with a coordinated and integrated risk management methodology. 

Every customer has unique requirements, but to understand more about the broad catalogue of services we provide click on one of the options below.


Catalogue of Services

  • Design & Installation

    With over 1000 clients across multiple sectors you can be assured that we have the experience needed to efficiently design and install the right security system to meet your specific needs.

  • Service and Maintenance

    Optic offer a comprehensive range of service and maintenance programs that can be deployed to regularly check that all aspects of your security solutions are operating as designed.

  • Monitoring

    Our monitoring systems can keep watch and record of what has occured no matter the time of day or night, and flag events so our team can react immediately and inform all key staff and contacts urgently.

  • Access Control

    If you need to know that the right people are allowed into the right places at the right times in your facilities or premises, then you need access control to protect your people, information and assets.

  • Video Surveillance

    The latest technology in Video CCTV or HDTV is an effective deterrent to would-be-offenders, and is also an incredibly useful tool to capture and document all manner of events on all your premises.

  • Intruder Detection

    Our high security, integrated systems utilise a wide variety of alarm and alert flags including glass break sensors, motion detectors, video verification and visual recording to name just a few.

  • Perimeter Security

    We offer a wide variety of perimeter deterrent and detection security product and services with everything from monitored perimeter fences, metal detectors, and body armour to scanners, drone detectors and more.

  • Intercoms

    Intercoms are an important part of access control and communications, with video identification and audio. It's possible to not only talk with those needing access, but to manage it via your mobile from anywhere.

  • Loss Prevention

    We design and fit Checkpoint EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) and Alpha Hi-Theft systems.  As well as obvious surveillance cameras, and EAS and RFID asset tracking with labels and tags for specific industries.

  • Nurse Call

    Optic is a market leader in the design, supply and installation of care and communication systems for all types of aged care, secure facilities, hospitals and retirement villages ensuring timely responses and communications.

  • Visitor & Staff Management

    Visitor and Staff Management systems have many options available.  Our experienced IT and security specialists work with you to make setup quick and seamless - providing an effective solution from day one.

  • Business Continuity Planning

    Business Continuity Planning is an excellent way to ensure you have a plan of action around the key aspects of your business, should something go wrong.  Be in front of any issues by knowing you've already got a plan in place.

  • Converged Security Risk Assessment


    Our specialist team will assess your 'whole-of-business' enterprise-wide risk profile and work with your team to prioritise what needs to be done to keep your people, buildings and information assets safe.

  • Thermal Imaging


    At Optic we supply and install market leading thermal cameras, hardware, analytics software and accessories as part of a broader Security and IT services portfolio.  We'll help decide on the right solution for you.



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