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Managed Services

Run your business.


Optic Digital provide managed services including a full Service Desk, Networking, Security, and Backup. Our managed services are unique in that they are tailored to each customer's needs, and existing or preferred technology.  


For instance, our Service Desk becomes your Service Desk - not a standard offering with your name on it, but with your own service levels, ticketing approach, and scope.  If you need security we can provide the whole end to end technology and service, or we can wrap your existing investment in firewalls and other measures with our expertise and availability.

Scale, continuity, reliability, expertise

Scale is often an overlooked benefit of managed services.  For instance you could hire your own service desk engineer, or even three engineers, but what happens when one or two are sick or on holiday?  Optic Digital can provide you scale.

Continuity and reliability is a key aspect of managed services that even large organisations sometimes struggle to deliver.  Having services that are available when they need to be makes a huge difference to the overall sustainability of an organisation.

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