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New CCTV Mobile Units Rolled Out

Optic Security Group works alongside NT Police force and the City of Darwin

Five new high definition, mobile CCTV units have been rolled out on the behalf of Northern Territory Police and the City of Darwin by Optic Security Group. These units provide relief to local businesses and are extremely useful in the detection and prevention of antisocial behaviour in known hotspots. These mobile units also assist the Northern Territory Police force by assisting in maintaining public safety during major public events. Using multiple CCTV cameras (PTZ/Fixed/Thermal), the mobile unit can provide images with impressive clarity and high definition.

As said by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Grant Nicholls, “Police will be able to take advantage of modern technology to assist in the identification of offenders, monitor antisocial behaviour and reduce victimisations.”

The City of Darwin can also use the newly attained mobile units to prevent criminal behaviour and intervening when medical emergencies occur.

Northern Territory Police members can rest easier and focus on continuing to work towards a safer community and meeting the needs of the community and it’s people. The new units were acquired through the $635,000 Commonwealth Government’s Safer Communities Fund grant and are expected to be deployed in Darwin & Palmerston.

Five other CCTV mobile units have already been deployed by Optic Security Group for the NT Police.

"These mobile units will assist in various aspects of policing including prevention, investigation, response and resolution of incidents".

Grant Nicholls

Northern Territory Police & Fire Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner of Police



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