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Email Security

Protecting your business.


We make protecting your organisation's email really easy!

Email is still one of the most common methods attackers use to breach an organisation.  Optic Digital can help you drastically reduce your email security risk.  We chose to partner with SMX because we're really impressed by their email security and archiving solution.  It's tailored for New Zealand and Australia and has proven extremely effective in protecting big and small organisations alike. 


SMX leverage years of experience in scanning millions of messages, along with their in-depth knowledge of cyber threats, to provide a super robust service that we can easily configure for you.  SMX chose to partner with us because we love providing great solutions to customers and we're experts in email, cloud, and cyber security.  

Important note!  SMX works really well with Office 365 and is officially certified by Microsoft.

Check out these very cool statistics from the 11:30am on the 19th of September, 2019.

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Why Choose SMX


For a low monthly fee per user, you can make a giant leap forward in email security. Watch the following video for a snapshot of why SMX is the right investment for any organisation.

Please contact us and we'll come and meet to talk about your business and how the SMX solution can help.

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