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Health & Aged Care

The healthcare sector faces unprecedented levels of exposure to security risk, with COVID triggering record numbers of cyber incidents targeted at the sector, and healthcare workers continuing to being among the vulnerable to incidents of workplace violence. Having been a trusted security risk solutions partner to hospitals and healthcare providers for decades, we understand the unique safety and security challenges of the sector and the importance of protecting its critical services from disruption and harm.

Your community depends on you to deliver 24-7 care – your staff, your patients & residents, their families, and visitors. We can design, install, service & maintain effective and efficient converged security & patient management solutions focused on protecting your people around the clock, leaving you to focus on what you do best – care. We partner with market leading brands who are at the cutting edge of innovation and technology to implement security solutions that deliver peace of mind for your staff, patients, and the communities you serve.

Nurse Call solutions, Access Control, and CCTV are only some solutions that our team are expert in advising and implementing across well known national aged care facilities, hospitals and allied health facilities.

Business Story
New Zealand's Capital & Coast District Health Board

For over two decades the capital's DHB has trusted our security systems design, delivery, service and maintenance expertise. Read more

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Capability Brief
Protecting healthcare services from harm

Visitor management and staff safety, rapid response, data protection, and best in class security technologies are just the start. Read more

Managing Security Risks in the Health & Aged Care Sector

A discussion of the key mitigation strategies to address increasing security risk in the healthcare sector.
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