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Why should you contract with Optic Digital?

With over 100 talented people contracting across Auckland and Wellington, we pride ourselves on helping people to secure a wide range of interesting IT jobs. We source these opportunities through key talent partnerships with some of Aotearoa’s largest employers, as well as through our own internal project pipeline.


From long term project-based engagements, to part time BAU support roles, we work across projects of all different shapes and sizes. We offer our contractors a range of enriching projects at competitive rates, that also fit their individual circumstances. We also have broad indemnity and public liability insurance cover extended to our whole contracting team, and we work to ensure you’re in a role you enjoy, feel supported in, and are getting paid on time every time.


Being able to place the right person within the right team and role is just part of our job. We also like to think that the work we secure for you makes you more marketable in the future too. This idea is supported by our rate of retention, with many of our team now long-term associates who have been repeatedly deployed across multiple clients and projects. Our goal is to keep our people engaged, grow their skills and experience base, while enjoying what they do in a safe environment.


Whether you’re new to contracting, and starting to learn the ropes, or consider yourself a career-contractor, we think you’ll appreciate our style, our people, and our approach to work and life.


If you’d like to find out more about how to become an Optic Digital IT contractor, please get in touch.

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