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Security  Solutions to suit your needs

We help you meet the four Protective Security Requirements
(PhySec, InfoSec, PerSec, Governance)

Optic Security Group, is a full service security provider of Enterprise Security Risk Management solutions. We offer a comprehensive and competitive range of 'tailored security solutions' using the latest technology to help keep your business protected.


Depending on your needs we can provide an end to end security strategy, including consultation, design, installation, monitoring and servicing.


With extensive experience across a broad range of sectors we ensure we are constantly updating our offering based on market trends and innovations.

Our dedicated technical staff in Australia and New Zealand combined with our converged security methodology means our service offerings cover all four of the Protective Security Requirements (PSR) (PhySec, InfoSec, PerSec, Governance) with a coordinated and integrated risk management methodology. 

Every customer has unique requirements, to understand more about our broad range of solutions please click below.


Our Solutions

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