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Welcome to Optic Security Group

Protecting people, assets, information and infrastructure from internal and external threats. 24/7. 

Get protected with Australasia's largest independent converged security provider

Optic Security Group is Australasia’s largest independent and most technically advanced converged Enterprise Security Risk Management Group. Working with over 1000 customers across leading Retail, Government, Healthcare, Industrial and Commercial organisations, including major airports, hospitals, defence, and retail locations.


Optic Security Group brings unparalleled resource capability, keeping people, assets, and information safe. 

We recognise every client is unique and there is no one size fits all. Within Optic we have over 30 years of proven expertise in tailoring solutions to meet a wide array of customer needs and ensuring the protection of people, assets, information and infrastructure is comprehensive and relevant to both now and tomorrow.

Optic provides extensive and comprehensive IP networked and integrated commercial security systems, including but not limited to intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, fire detection, and 24/7 monitoring. 

City Sky

"Safeguarding people, information and technology has become much more complex, and this rapidly changing risk profile is making the need to protect critical infrastructure against both physical and digital threats an absolute imperative"

Jason Cherrington, Founder

Converged security explained

The lines between what's physical and digital are blurring... and the risks they face are converging. Cybersecurity is a growing threat for many businesses as digital technologies are deployed across a huge variety of products and services.  With the commercial and reputational fall-out from attacks bigger than ever, protection from attack has become a Board-level risk agenda item...think Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM). 


Get to know us

Optic Security Group is the result of the consolidation of six leading security organisations (Fortlock, Comsmart, Bemac, STS, Circuit Systems and SSL ) across Australia and New Zealand.


We’re now the largest independent and most technically advanced security group across Australasia. 

Our backgrounds may be greatly wide-ranging, but our primary goal is clear – to keep you and your company safe. 


Through world-leading solutions and world-class people we will become the most trusted converged security partner, protecting our customers’ people, assets, information, and infrastructure, today and into the future.

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