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Visitor and Staff Management Systems: Keep Your Facilities and People Safe and Secure

Visitor and staff management systems are essential for keeping your facilities and people safe and secure. These systems can track who is on your premises, where they are allowed to go, and how long they are allowed to stay. They can also be used to match visitors and staff against public or staff background data.

Benefits of Visitor and Staff Management Systems

  • Improved security: Visitor and staff management systems can help to prevent unauthorized access to your facilities. They can also help to identify and respond to security threats quickly.

  • Increased efficiency: Visitor and staff management systems can help to free up staff time, so they can focus on other tasks. They can also help to improve communication between staff and visitors.

  • Enhanced peace of mind: Visitors, staff, and management can have peace of mind knowing that there is a system in place to help keep everyone safe and secure.

Visitor and staff management systems typically include the following features:

  • Sign-in and sign-out: Visitors and staff must sign in and sign out when they enter and exit your facilities.

  • Access control: Visitors and staff can be restricted to certain areas of your facilities.

  • Time and attendance: Visitor and staff time and attendance can be tracked.

  • Reporting: Visitor and staff data can be reported on to help you track trends and identify potential security threats.

When choosing a visitor and staff management system, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Your specific needs: What features are important to you? How many visitors and staff do you expect to track?

  • Your budget: Visitor and staff management systems can range in price.

  • The level of support you need: Do you need help setting up and using the system? Do you need ongoing support? Optic is here to help you with all of these aspects. 

Be up and running quickly.

With many options available we work with you to ensure setup is seamless – making it a quick and effective solution from day one.


We have an in-house team of trained and experienced IT and security specialists who help businesses like yours, we help you understand what kind of equipment different requirements demand, plus how to ensure you comply with any health and safety requirements at the same time.

Desktop, mobile, iPad or Tablet device options to suit every environment. 

Manage your sign in process and you can automatically ‘self-serve’ everything from health and safety agreements, through to an automatic log out if people leave a geographical perimeter.

  • Customised branding 

  • Smart phone / tablet / desktop sign in options

  • Automatic SMS and email notification to staff being visited on sign in

  • Identification labels printed on the spot

  • Contractor and staff time and attendance verification

  • Online, dynamic dashboards to monitor all data and to alert exceptions

Team Working in the System Room
The benefits of converging your security functions.

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Visitor Management & Safety

Understand how easy it is to manage your business operations, staff & visitors.

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