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Cyber and Information Security

Being Cyber-Aware is Smart Business

All businesses are vulnerable to cyber risk. Keeping yourself aware and ready for any cyber issue is easier than you think. 

Today, Physical and Cyber Security need to work together. It’s called CONVERGED SECURITY. And this is what we do. We help you understand what gaps your business has in the 'cyber space' and how to fix them. Simple.

Cyber comes in different shapes and sizes. Around the world ‘cyber attacks’ come in lots of different shapes and sizes too – everything from ‘phishing emails’ through to bits of code dropped into networks to steal data.

Most attacks can be deflected if basic protection and policies are in place – hackers will go for easier targets first. The saying goes “there are those businesses who know they’ve been hacked, and those who don’t” - if you use any IT, then you need to protect it.

Converged Security now means Physical and Digital – because both need to be there to keep your organisation protected.

The most common ‘hacks’ can be avoided.


The first line of defense is awareness of the most common hacks, backed up with a plan of how to avoid issues and importantly, what to do if a problem is uncovered.

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Cyber and Information Management Portfolio

Choose options to suit your specific needs


At Optic Security we offer a full portfolio of professional Cyber Services as part of our broader portfolio of Enterprise Security Risk Management options to help you understand the risks your business faces and how to then make sure you fix or mitigate those, as well as keeping you up to date.

From the straightforward to the complex – you’re sorted.


Not everyone needs a full-time Cyber/Info expert. That’s why Optic can be your pay as you go ‘virtual’ team member. 


From a basic review of your site or training and awareness for your team, through to the enterprise level network, application and cloud security risk and mitigation management, we’ve got the people and tools to make it straightforward, so you don’t need to worry about it.




For a no obligation discussion about how Cyber Intelligence or Professional Services can be part of your overall Enterprise Security risk Management, reach out or call us today.

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