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We know IT people

Our clients engage with us because of our ability to provide quality IT people at speed.  A big part of our success has been that we're an IT company with a talent arm rather than a recruiter that has an IT function.  That means wherever possible we will be able to lend you one of our permanent staff or associate contractors to meet your short to long term IT needs.  That means we'll know the person we're recommending as they have likely delivered a number of contracts for our clients and we'll back them 100%.

With over 100 of our people on client sites we're very likely to have someone who matches your people fit, proven experience and technical knowledge requirements.


Our engineers cover every level of support and engineering across a broad array of technology.  They are often involved from the design phase of projects right through to implementation and post-implementation support. 


We provide Security-focused Consulting, Architecture, Analysis, and Engineering.  We back this up with knowledge and access to industry leading software and devices from vendors like CheckPoint, Fortinet, and Symantec.  Additionally, many of our staff hold government security clearances.



Cloud technologies are now a major part of Optic Digital’s business.  We work with onshore IaaS and SaaS providers and international public cloud providers including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Programme and Project Management

Optic Digital provide a range of highly capable project managers and coordinators, with many years of experience in government and private sectors; working on a wide range of projects that include the need to coordinate commercial negotiations and work with multiple parties.  For Agile projects we can provide project managers with Agile experience and/or scrum masters, depending on your needs and how you’ve structured your project.

Business Analysis

Communication with stakeholders is paramount for our BAs, along with the core BA skills we would expect of every business analyst e.g. problem definition; stakeholder analysis and engagement; business process modelling; requirements elicitation and documentation, using a range of techniques; managing requirements; and supporting business change activities. 

Data & Storage

We provide architecture, engineering, management, and administration for data and storage solutions.   

Monitoring, Analytics, Automation

Optic Digital provide the tools and services for monitoring and identifying any issues and problems across all technologies – hardware, sensors, applications, browser, client devices, network, firewall, server, operating system, etc.  Optic Digital can help in the setup of analytics and effectively utilising it to make organisational gains.  Our team has the skills to assist companies in developing strategies and technology platforms to provide automation solutions for a range of scenarios.



Regardless of your preferred development language or framework – Java, .NET, Angular, Ruby on Rails – we can provide the expertise you need.


Optic Digital provide testing expertise that is tailored to your programme of work and the type of technology being deployed. 

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