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Our Sectors

High Security and Defence

It doesn’t get more critical than this - Submarines, F35 strike fighters, Tiger attack helicopters and Abraham Tanks are some of the assets protected by Optic Security Group via Type 1A security systems we provide to the Department of Defence and approved contractors. We are trusted by Government agencies across Australia and New Zealand to develop, design, install and implement systems to protect the nation’s highest-risk facilities.


In Australia, our experienced High-Security Technicians hold Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) clearances and have extensive experience within Defence, Commonwealth Government, law enforcement, emergency services and critical national infrastructure settings. In New Zealand, our PSR capability has been audited as meeting the highest level set by the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA), and our IT division, Optic Digital, is a New Zealand Government ICT Security and Related Services Panel (SRS Panel) supplier.

A Trusted Security Partner

Optic Security Group is a national channel partner of Gallagher Security and an authorised installer of all Gallagher systems. including Type 1A. We’re also proud of our status as an authorised installer of all Gallagher’s Type 1A security solutions. Australian Government agencies sometimes must use Type 1A security systems as endorsed by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC). These systems protect information where its compromise or loss could cause catastrophic damage to national security. Gallagher’s SCEC-approved Type 1A solution manages alarms, monitors sensors, and defends system integrity for the highest security Australian Government sites. 

We deliver whole-of-lifecycle services related to networked integrated security systems from design, installation, and deployment to service and maintenance, upgrade, and disposal.



  • CCTV and Video Management Systems

  • Video analytics and thermal imaging

  • Access Control Systems and Perimeter Security

  • Intruder Detection and Alarm Systems

  • Audiovisual and intercom solutions

  • Visitor Management & Worker Safety

  • Emergency Management Systems

  • Cyber Security Solutions


  • Integrated system design and installation

  • Security system asset management

  • Predictive and proactive maintenance

  • Remote and call-out servicing capabilities

  • Security policy and compliance advisory

  • Security Audits and Security Risk Reviews

  • Security Management Planning

  • Business Continuity Planning

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