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Government High Security

Australian Government High Security

It doesn’t get more crucial than this. Submarines, F35 strike fighters, Tiger attack helicopters and Abraham Tanks are some of the assets protected by Optic Security Group via Type 1A security systems we provide to the Department of Defence and approved contractors.


We are specialists in this field and are certified to undertake these installations.

Type 1A


Australian Government agencies are sometimes required to use Type 1A security systems as endorsed by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC). SCEC is an inter-departmental committee responsible for the evaluation of security equipment for use by Australian Government agencies, with the evaluation program managed by Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) T4.


The Type 1A evaluation process involves a range of measures, including comprehensive breach testing, which ensures that Type-1A systems provide the highest levels of security.


In accordance with the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework, SCEC-approved Type 1A and Type 1 security alarm systems protect SECRET, TOP SECRET and certain codeword information where the compromise, loss of integrity or unavailability of the aggregate of information would cause extreme or catastrophic damage to Australia's national security.


Trusted Security Partner


Optic Security Group is a national channel partner of Gallagher Security and an authorised installer of all Gallagher systems, including Type 1A. Gallagher’s Type 1A solution is engineered to ensure Australian Government sites are protected and compliant to the Type 1A 2008 alarms standard. Gallagher’s SCEC-approved Type 1A solution manages alarms, monitors sensors and defends system integrity for the highest security Australian Government sites.


Our experienced High Security Technicians hold appropriate Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) clearances and have extensive experience within Defence, Commonwealth Government, law enforcement and critical national infrastructure settings. We are trusted by Government agencies across Australia to develop, design, install and implement systems to protect the nation’s highest risk facilities.



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