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Retail and Hospitality

No matter the style of retail or hospitality business – supermarket or clothing chain, multiple location outlets, high end fashion or FMCG, securing your inventory, protecting revenue targets, and employee productivity are your keys to success. Optic can design, install, service & maintain effective and efficient converged security & inventory management systems to ensure your investment is not only safe but productive. EAS, RFID, High Theft solutions, CCTV plus other solutions to meet your business needs now and in the future.

With everything from ‘source’ tags where tracking is included in product packaging, through to labels or on fresh food packaging, today's EAS options can be unobtrusive, allowing customers to freely enjoy the shopping experience you want them to have, but protecting your assets and profits by stopping theft end to end.

Theft in stores costs Australian and New Zealand retailers more than $3bn in losses each year*

Our experienced EAS team can explain the variety of options in the market and discuss solutions to suit your retail presence. It’s no longer just about using tags to deter would-be theft. EAS can bring a wide range of benefits to any retail business from customer analytics through to staff optimisation – and bottom line profits. Integrated with a range of security solutions we will ensure your business, your staff and your customers are in safe hands. 

While delivering a compelling shopping experience you can...     

Increase shopper conversion

Improve display effectiveness

Ensure PCI compliance

Avoid out of stock and overstocks

Reduce customer shoplifting & retail crime

Reduce Internal theft

The benefits of converging your security functions.

A converged approach means better visibility and fewer security gaps... and less mess to clean up as a result. Read more

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