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Our Services

Specialist Design and Installation



With clients in sectors including Government, National Defence, Health, Hospitals & Aged Care, Education Facilities, Logistics & Transport, consultants & construction, plus multi-site retail destinations, you can be assured with have the experience needed to efficiently design and install the right security system to meet your specific needs. 

Our use of market leading global suppliers along with extensive certification and licensing for the design and installation of security solutions for virtually any premises, means Optic are trusted partners to ensure you adhere to the compliance requirements specific to your business. We recognise that in order to get the most from your investment your people also may need to upskill and think about the wider business impacts, so we also provide training and advice to get the most from your investment.

Our certified system installation and specialist technicians will work hand in hand with consultants, architects, engineers, and business or facility managers to design, plan and document for all varieties of electronic security systems, mechanical access systems, remote and automated entrance management as well as networked IT systems. With ongoing project management and proactive communication throughout the system installation whether it be new construction or retrofit / refurbishment requirements.

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