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Local Government
and "Safe Cities" solutions

A Trusted Security Partner


Councils are being challenged to deliver services to their communities more accessibly, efficiently, and sustainably and to do so by investing in future-focused and IoT-enabled ‘smart’ solutions. CCTV and alarm networks, parking meters, water meters, environmental sensors, and myriad other IoT devices provide new streams of data to councils in volume and in real-time, but they must be protected by adequate security controls.


Optic Security Group can assist your local government organisation to future-proof its management of security risks. Our experienced security design architects and technicians are trusted by government, law enforcement, emergency services, and civic facilities across Australia & New Zealand to develop, design, install and implement systems to protect people, information and assets.

Our teams understand the Protective Security Policy Framework (Australia) and the Protective Security Requirements (New Zealand). In New Zealand, our PSR capability has been audited as meeting the highest level set by the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA), and our IT division, Optic Digital, is a New Zealand Government ICT Security and Related Services Panel (SRS Panel) supplier.

As a security solution provider, we understand that security is best understood, not as a barrier, but as a business enabler. Risk-based approaches to security that seek to understand an organisation’s risk context, risk experience, and risk appetite tend to avoid the pitfalls of ‘security for security’s sake’ we focus on delivering right-sized security solutions so organisations can achieve their business objectives.

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