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Cyber Intelligence Centre and Professional Services



Using non-technical language, and real-world examples, we consultatively engage to cut through the complexity and hype, to demonstrate your specific exposure to cyber risk, across your entire business landscape. Our highly skilled and industry respected team of specialists are trusted by government agencies, tier 1 banks, blue-chip companies, law firms, accountants, charities and SMEs.


As a trusted provider of independent “end-to-end” services and solutions, we will partner with you to mitigate your exposure to risk, providing solutions to protect your data, brand reputation and your digital assets against internal and external threats from the rapidly evolving threat landscape. 


By prioritising technique-based detection over traditional signature-based methods, the CIC Intelligence team is empowered to detect new types of attacks that are otherwise likely to be missed. These services are primarily focused on proactive threat intelligence, threat hunting, advanced security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. 


As motivated threat actors continually redefine their attack vectors, so must we continually strengthen ours with emerging and advanced techniques.

In the CIC we have three types of service:


1. Managed Detection & Response

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services are an advancement and new breed of Managed Security Services.

Through our dedicated Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC), our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services will mitigate your company’s cybersecurity risk by continuously monitoring, detecting and protecting your company and its digital assets from internal and external cyber-threats and security incidents.


2. Active Threat Hunting

Cyber threat hunting is the process of proactively searching across networks and endpoints to identify threats that evade existing security controls. This differs from penetration or pen testing, which looks for vulnerabilities that an attacker could use to get inside a network.


Our threat hunters are highly skilled cybersecurity professionals tasked with performing pro-active threat intelligence gathering. Using a combination of manual and machine assisted techniques, our threat hunters will search for indicators of compromise (IOCs) throughout your company’s digital environment. These services will enhance your company’s compliance obligations, mitigate potential data loss and protect your brand and reputation.

3. Advanced Threat Monitoring: A 24x7x365 manned Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a sophisticated technology designed to detect, prevent and respond rapidly to security threats within your organisation. The CIC Security Event Monitoring provides impactful, current threat intelligence, producing a globalised view of the ever-evolving threat landscape and advanced monitoring of your systems, networks, applications, data and devices to help safeguard your digital environment.


We use leading expert security consultants, responsible for helping secure some of New Zealand’s largest organisations and delivering cutting-edge research. Our consultants can work alongside your team to help make your application, network, product or organisation more secure.


We understand that security means more than a report with no high severity findings and are committed to helping clients improve their security posture beyond standard penetration testing. Be it helping your security team test the effectiveness of new detection technology, helping build automated vulnerability detection into your continuous integration/deployment process or conducting a research-based testing engagement against a complex system, we can design an engagement to improve your security posture and help you leverage our consultants extensive experience.


Our services include the following depending on your needs:


Penetration Testing

  • Our specialist offensive testing services include an extensive range of penetration testing capabilities at the application, network, and physical level.

  • Red Team Engagements, Web Application and API, Mobile Applications, Bespoke Systems and Applications, External, Internal, and Wireless Networks, Host and SOE, Cloud Environments.

Security Review

  • Complementing our Penetration Testing we also perform network architecture and application review services. Helping your business achieve best practice design and secure-by-default approaches to your infrastructure.

  • Network Architecture Reviews, Application Architecture Reviews, Source Code Reviews.

Security Incident Management

  • For when things go wrong, our experienced and qualified team will help with getting you back on track. The time immediately after a security incident is make or break, and the right choices are critical.

  • Incident Response and Forensic Investigations (GIAC Certified Forensic Analysts).



For a no obligation discussion about how Cyber Intelligence or Professional Services can be part of your overall security management, reach out or call us today.

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