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Our Partners

Partnering for effect

At Optic Security Group we  work with market leaders from around the globe, sourcing and partnering to bring the highest quality IT, and security products and services to our customers. We customise efficient security solutions that will expand and adjust to a client’s changing needs, our solutions are customer risk-driven rather than product-driven.


We do more than this.

As an Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) specialist, the Optic partnership approach focuses on auditing, identifying, assessing and managing the security risks that a customer organisation is exposed to. Ensuring their people, information, assets, budget, culture and reputation are afforded maximum protection. We consider the broad range of risks that potential security threats pose to an organisation, not just the physical risks that a security provider is typically limited to.


We work with a broad range of partners, offering you the latest technology and innovation in the market. 

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