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Optic Digital is privileged to partner with NDL as New Zealand-based resellers, implementors, and support partners for their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software.  RPA is a critical part of Optic Digital partnering with you - keeping you going and growing!


​NDL’s 'SX' is their flagship Robotic Process Automation software. It takes the manual, repetitive and mundane tasks that people do on a computer and automates them, saving time and money. With SX you can develop and manage automations that drive any software system, just the way people can, but at increased speed and greater accuracy, leading to a fast return on your investment.

These automations can be instantly scaled up or down to reflect demand, running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year under the full control of the SX software management suite. A range of integration options allow SX to read and write data to and from any existing system.

Typically, SX automations are used for:

  • Process Automation

    Save time on simple repetitive tasks such as rekeying

  • Data Integration

    Real time or batch mode – create APIs when not available

  • Synchronisation

    Keeping different systems up to date with each other

  • Migration

    Lifting large quantities of data between systems

  • Extraction

    Select data elements from multiple records & write elsewhere

Watch the video to learn how SX can help your organisation save time and money through RPA

For some excellent examples of what a difference RPA can make click here for case studies [NDL site]. 


Please contact us and we'll come and meet to talk about your business and how RPA can help.

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