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Optic Security Group Wins in the NT Health Sector

Optic Security Group has recently won the contract to provide comprehensive maintenance and servicing for key security and ICT infrastructure at Royal Darwin and Palmerston Hospitals. This 12-month agreement, valued at over $2.2M reinforces our ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and security of patients, staff, and visitors by maintaining critical infrastructure.

Congratulations to our Darwin team and their dedication and expertise to securing this contract, which was meticulously prepared by Regional Manager (NT & West) Jobe Rout, Account Manager David Langley, and Group Procurement & QHSE Manager Stuart Norton-Baker. Their commitment, over numerous hours, including weekends, ensured that all requirements were thoroughly met.


Royal Darwin Hospital
Royal Darwin Hospital

Under this contract, Optic Security Group will be responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the hospitals' CCTV systems, access control, nurse call systems, security ICT infrastructure, and duress alarms. Major vendors involved include PACOM, IndigoVision, Cisco Networks, and Jacques Intercoms.


“Optic Security Group is proud of our long-standing relationships with key customers such as the Northern Territory Government Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Logistics. We look forward to another prosperous contract term providing electronic security services to both Royal Darwin Hospital and Palmerston Regional Hospital,” said Jobe.


This ongoing partnership highlights Optic Security Group's dedication to delivering high-quality services that support the essential operations of healthcare facilities. By securing this contract, Optic Security Group continues to play a pivotal role in maintaining the critical infrastructure necessary for the efficient and safe operation of Royal Darwin Hospital and Palmerston Regional Hospital.

Palmerston Regional Hospital



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