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Converged Security: The Holistic Approach to Protecting Your Organization

The threats facing organizations today are more complex and interconnected than ever before. Traditional security silos are no longer effective in protecting against these threats. That's why more and more organizations are adopting a converged security approach.

What is converged security?

Converged security is a holistic approach to security that combines the physical, information, and personnel security disciplines. This approach recognizes that all three disciplines are interconnected and that threats can exploit vulnerabilities in any one of them.

Why is converged security important?

Cityscape indicating how all aspects of online interconnect
Converged Security for the future

It provides a more comprehensive view of the security landscape.

  • It helps to identify and mitigate risks across all three security disciplines.

  • It improves communication and collaboration between security teams.

  • It makes it easier to deploy and manage security solutions.

What are the benefits of converged security?

  • Improved security posture.

  • Reduced risk of security breaches.

  • Increased efficiency and cost savings.

  • Enhanced compliance with security regulations.

How to implement converged security

  1. Assess your current security posture.

  2. Identify your security risks.

  3. Develop a converged security strategy.

  4. Implement security solutions.

  5. Monitor and improve your security posture.

Converged security is a critical component of any organization's security strategy. By adopting a converged approach, organisations can improve their security posture, reduce their risk of security breaches, and can save money.

A Converged Security approach will ensure your organisation operates as securely as possible, making the best use of scarce resources to protect your people, customers and assets; enabling you to meet your goals and objectives while protecting your reputation and brand.

Traditionally siloed resources need to work together to increase your visibility and control over the risks you face, with a coordinated strategy that eliminates grey areas and promotes the engagement of your workforce to protect the organisation. Active security awareness training remains one of the key mitigations for the expanding threat landscape, ensuring your workforce recognise and report threats before they develop into costly incidents.

It is important to start taking advantage of innovations that evolve from the convergence of security products, which will lead to more cost effective and adaptive controls. Artificial Intelligence is a key example of this as it uses traditional physical security (cameras) combined with analytics to provide new benefits to your organisation, from recognition of staff and VIP customers, active market research opportunities, and enhanced security profiling (confirming that the individual presenting matches the access card being used).

Governments across Australasia are doing their part, following the lead for Europe and the US. The Protective Security Requirements (PSR) lead the way in combining key deliverables matched to a capability maturity model. This provides a comprehensive model for converged security and helps organisations develop prioritised security road maps.

The increasing prominence of the Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) methodology highlights the importance of a coordinated view of your organisation’s security exposure, backed by a traditional risk management (ISO31000) approach, to support your organisation’s goals and objectives and deliver an appropriate security strategy and roadmap.

Everyone knows there is no single solution to security threats, no silver bullet, no magic product to solve all our problems. Instead, it requires a combination of elements, working in a consolidated strategy, to provide the best protection.

As threats continue to evolve and adapt, so do the controls available to organisations to mitigate them. Security convergence is the next step in the evolution of security, bringing the best of all existing disciples into a coordinated defence to provide the best future-focused protection for your organisation.


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