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"Stay Ahead of the Curve: A Deep Dive into Australia's CIRMP Post-Grace Period"

ICYMI, the six-month Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Program (CIRMP) obligation grace period has ended. From 18 August 2023, critical infrastructure entities in Australia are expected to have implemented the risk management program for their critical infrastructure asset (CIRMP).

According to the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Centre (CISC), under the CIRMP, critical infrastructure owners and operators are required to identify the risks and hazards that might have an impact on their asset. They must then - so far as it’s reasonably practicable to do so - take steps to minimise or eliminate that risk.

Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Program

The CIRMP Rules are principles-based and allow for broad discretion in how you approach the management of hazards. Read more from the CISC:

The Security of Critical Infrastructure (Critical infrastructure risk management program) Rules (LIN 23/006) 2023 are available at:

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