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Vlado Damjanovski contributes expert insights on security technologies to ASIAL's Security Industry feature in The Australian.

What a fantastic public awareness initiative by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL). Despite the prominence of #nationalsecurity within Australian political, media, and public discourse, the role of the #privatesecurity sector in protecting our communities, our businesses, and even our government from theft, disruption, vandalism and harm is largely unsung.

In addition to the technologies that our society depends upon for the maintenance of safety, security and public order - from #CCTV, #accesscontrol, and #intrusiondetection to #cyberdefence and #securityoperationscenter solutions - the private security sector includes over 155,000 individual security license holders who work daily and nightly to keep us safe.

Part of ASIALs ongoing consumer awareness campaign is designed to raise public awareness of the private security industry and the critical work licensed members do across both the Protective and Electronic security sectors - keeping Australians safe and secure.

Article 1 discusses the private security sectors $11B contribution to the economy which hinges on diversity and skills.

Article 2 contributed to by Optic Security Groups own Vlado Damjanovski gives insight into how technology is changing capabilities within the industry and client needs. Exploring the intersection of technology and security in our ever-evolving world!


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