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CCTV Surveillance Trailers Darwin

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Mobile network platforms that facilitate the connection of IP enabled devices, primarily for CCTV Street Surveillance.

Darwin is the capital city of The Northern Territory – a vast area that is 1.421 million square km.

Approximately 200 IndigoVision CCTV Security cameras have been installed by Optic Security Group and they operate in Alice Springs CBD, Casuarina, Darwin CBD, Palmerston CBD, Parap, Katherine and popular fishing destinations including the Dinah Beach, Buffalo Creek and Elizabeth River Boat Ramps. The growing threat from antisocial behaviour, crime and the need to ensure public safety including traffic management, has led to a demand for high-quality “mobile surveillance solution”. Video security monitoring needs to be flexible, scalable and future-proof, with the capability of easily expanding to accommodate the ever changing urban and remote community environments.


  • Geography – Sites often cover large geographic areas, particularly for city monitoring.

  • Environment – Buildings often include both high-security and public areas together.

  • Terrorism – Police and Government buildings are high risk locations.

  • Evidence – Video evidence of criminal activity needs to be very high quality and tamper evident to aid convictions.

  • Safety – High profile events all too often seen in the media highlight the importance of safety for staff, prisoners and the public.

CCTV Surveillance Trailers Optic undertook the design of the NTPFES trailers specifically to meet the Northern Territory Police requirements and environmental challenges.

Optic's trailers are network platforms that facilitate the connection of IP enabled devices, primarily for CCTV Street Surveillance. Solutions are tailored to suit individual requirements of clients with many customisable options available.

Benefits (Outcomes)

  • Fully Integrated solution with existing CCTV systems

  • Backhaul Links

  • Utilising Government network APN (4G) (never touches the internet)

  • Secure encrypted VPN

  • Distributed Architecture (local and remote recordings)

  • Mesh connectivity between trailers

  • GPS Tracking

  • Remote monitoring of power management

TESTIMONY NT Police Fire & Emergency Services Superintendent Communications Division Craig Laidler said “the units were specifically designed by NT police with a private contractor, meaning they’re the first of their kind in Australia.”

He said their potential use was “limitless”.

“We’ve looked into hot spots and we will be able to deploy the units where intelligence suggests,” he said.

The units are also fitted with LED lighting, a siren, megaphones which can play pre-recorded and live messages and a flashing strobe. Supt Laidler said they could be used to trial areas extra CCTV cameras could be installed. Officers in the main control room operate the units live. He said the ability to live-mic to offenders would be a “big deterrent”.

“We can sit there and say ‘you there in the red shirt, stop what you’re doing’, and they go from feeling anonymous to being singled out. They’re then aware they’re being watched.”

Craig Laidler NT Police Fire & Emergency Services Superintendent Communications Division


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