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Optic Security Group

District Council of Ceduna Goes Digital

Remote Council Goes Digital

Optic Security Group was awarded the contract to provide a turnkey solution to upgrade the existing CCTV system to 1080P High Definition capture and recording. This demanding application required integration of several remote facilities over fibre, copper and wireless links for the transmissions of Video Data. Further to this, the Council required the ability to have control of remote mobile HD Pan Tilt Zoom cameras for law enforcement at over 20 strategic sites around Ceduna, including a 4.5km link over water from the local township of Thevenard.

The video monitoring software and networking infrastructure provided the ability for real time viewing and control of HD cameras and the ability to playback up to 31 days of recorded footage. As Ceduna is 773km west of Adelaide, it was imperative for precise planning and design to provide a system of high reliability and to ensure that the installation was delivered on time and to budget.


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