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Optic Security Group

Optic Security Group upgrades the Traffic Management Centre

As seen on Channel Seven’s Sunrise traffic report, the new video wall was recently designed, supplied and installed by Optic Security Group. The system was designed to provide a high level of functionality and scalability for the future, and ease of use for the operators using enterprise and commercial components. Pre works included analogue to digital conversion to remote legacy cameras and freeway hubs with minimal outage. Apart from de-commissioning the old analogue video wall, the wall itself had to be demolished with a new wall reconstructed, flushed and painted within days. A quantity of twenty-one 55” commercial 24/7 panels were installed to millimetre precision. Video streaming and full system functionality for the operators was achieved within the working week. The video IP upgrade provides the Traffic Management Centre the ability to switch up to 10,000 cameras to over 500 monitor panes across 16m2 of video wall with ease.

The works were planned and conducted to a high standard to ensure minimal disruption and outage to the facility. To the credit of those involved in working on this critical government infrastructure site, the system exceeded client expectations due to the design, planning and technical expertise of the Optic Security Group team.

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