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Tesserent Joint Venture

Optic Security Group is pleased to announce the launch of a newly incorporated joint venture between Optic Security Group and Tesserent, a leading provider of enterprise-grade #cybersecurity and networking solutions across Australasia

“This joint venture is a decisive move by Optic to expand our digital security capability and market presence with scale and purpose on both sides of the Tasman,” said Optic’s Group CEO Jason Cherrington.

Tesserent's suite of solutions includes security audits, CISOaaS, Cyber Incident Response Planning, Security Awareness Training and Threat Intelligence Services, among others.

“I see the joint venture as a natural fit in terms of the desire to provide customers with an end-to-end converged solution rather than a list of point solutions,” said Jason. “Both partners are strong proponents of Enterprise Security Risk Management, which means we speak the same language and share the same intent of protecting our customer's people, assets, information and infrastructure.”

“With #informationsecurity breaches becoming an increasingly frequent and costly occurrence for government and commercial organisations, this joint venture is timely, and we look forward to all our customers benefitting from this expanded capability.”



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