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Optic Security Group

Toll-Oil & Gas Supply Base

Toll-Oil & Gas Supply Base: Optic Designs & Installs Integrated CCTV & Security System

Optic Security Group consulted with Toll and designed a system to suit the requirements for the Toll supply base in Broome W.A. The Client not only needed a solution for security but also to assist in OH&S and stock control. Once the design was approved and met the Toll national security specification installation began on the multi-site system. To connect the sites and systems a hybrid of data cabling, optic fibre and wireless networks were used. The Avigilon CCTV system was chosen with its advanced detection analytics able to identify personnel and vehicles allowing each camera to become an alarm trigger point for the security system.  Previously each site had their own alarm system but now interconnecting the sites enables one operator to view and control all sites. The design had to withstand the harsh environment the region experiences such as high temperatures, cyclones, lightening and salt were all taken into consideration and the right equipment selected for the installation.

During the works the site had to remain in full operation, Optic Security Group worked with the site operators ensuring no disruptions to the schedules were effected. TESTIMONY Toll needed a solution for the oil & gas supply bases in Broome which included security, stock control and OH&S. We approached several companies to design a solutions fit for our purpose and adhering to the Toll security specification. Optic Security Group's proposal exceeded our expectation and was chosen to install an integrated system using a new CCTV system with analytics and by expanding the current security system over multiple sites feeding back to a central security server achieving our objective.

The design used a hybrid network of optic fibre and radio links to connect the equipment over the two sites. We are able to control cameras to view areas of activity and high value items ensuring correct handling procedures are followed and conditional reports can be produced from the stored CCTV recordings. The live and recorded images are clear and the detailed enabling us to zoom in and see what’s going on and even capture vehicle numbers plates.

Optic Security Group have produced a sites map on the security operator’s computer making identification of alarms quick and easy saving precious time and costs for Toll.

We now have a flagship system within the Toll group and interest on the design and product is been considered by the national security manager for the group.

It was a pleasure dealing with the team at Optic Security Group with their professionalism and high standard of installation. We would not hesitate to recommend Optic Security Group.

Toll Site Operator


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